P10 10000mAh 2 USB

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A + internal batteries carry the rankings .USB compatible with all devices that support shipping by port to ensure more safety and lightness of weight and longer life of the product for more than 500 times to get a shipment at any time and anywhere. With a central unit feature smart can protect your computer from overcharging and fluctuation of voltage or the negative energy which automatically recognize your device. We guarantee you a safe and stable charging and automatic saving of energy and switch to hibernate mode in the absence of shipping to save energy so you can use them at any time


(And Lobo WOPOW) mobile force to 10,000 mAH It features

2 two USB ports

* Shipping and recognize when it delivers automatic device (IQ)

* Compatible with most mobile devices and tablet

* Protection from excess electricity

* The possibility of charging the battery and charging your device in that one * CPU smart to synchronize the energy needed

* 2 port strongly AMP advanced technology to the stability of the battery charge

* The power needed for charging the restoration in the event of weak conductivity * Protect duet battery

* Advanced vibrato property to view energy

* Hibernate mode to 0.08 milli Ampere property

* Two years warranty replacement of the authorized agent in Saudi Arabia


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ر.س86.00 ر.س66.00
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ر.س86.00 ر.س66.00